Private customers

The product is covered by a legal guarantee of conformity, provided for by the Consumer code (Articles 128 et seq.), which protects the consumer if the  products are defective, work badly or are not in line with the use declared by the seller or the use they are meant for. The consumer may enforce his / her rights of legal guarantee of conformity by contacting the seller, even if he is not the manufacturer. In the event of a nonconformity, the consumer has the right, by choice, to the repair or replacement of the defective goods by the seller without charge, unless there is not solution or it is overly onerous. The legal warranty is valid for 2 YEARS from the delivery of the goods and must be claimed by the consumer within two months after having discovered the defect. You must keep, therefore, always the proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or payment slip. It is advised to make immediately a photocopy of it, because the thermal paper may discolor over time).

Companies and institutions

The product is sold to companies and state agencies and anyway to people having a VAT registration number with a 12-month warranty covering the nonconformity.

Warranty terms

Pick-up & return warranty covers the cost of round-trip transportation and labor required to restore the device. This guarantee is valid for the products sold or leased by Microtech Retail Italia S.r.l. branch offices, affiliates, authorized dealers, and national distributors,  provided that this product has been purchased in compliance with the warranty terms. Under this guarantee, Microtech Retail Italia ensures that the product is free from manufacturing defects, at the date of purchase and for a period of one year at least from that date. If, during this period, will be noticed some defects, Microtech Retail Italia will supply, without any charge for the customer, manpower or spare parts, and arrange the repair or replacement of the product or its defective parts, according to the terms and conditions as provided below. Microtech Retail Italia, may replace parts or defective products with new or refurbished parts or products.

General conditions

The warranty will be provided only and solely upon presentation of the original invoice or original receipt along with the defective product. If such documents are unreadable or incomplete, Microtech Retail Italia may refuse to provide free the assistance services under warranty. Besides, this warranty will not be valid if the model name or serial number on the box and / or on the product has been tampered, deleted, removed or is unreadable. Therefore the original box or simply the serial number and barcode must be kept. The repair and / or replacement service takes place within 5 working days* from the date of the product collection by the courier charged by Microtech Retail Italia. The collection and delivery costs of the goods under warranty are entirely supported by the company, without charge for the customer, when the noticed problems are provided for under these warranty conditions.

This warranty does not cover the risks associated with the transport towards and from Microtech Retail Italia. This warranty does not cover software installed on the product. If the product works properly and has no hardware problems, the product diagnostic costs will be at customer’s charge. As usual, the utmost capacity of the battery supplied together with the Microtech Retail Italia product decreases over time and due to the wear. The battery is only guaranteed against faults caused by defects in material or manufacturing. Besides, the warranty term for the battery is 6 months. This warranty does not cover periodic maintenance and replacement of worn parts.

Exclusions and limitations

Except the above mentioned terms, Microtech Retail Italia excludes any kind of warranty as regards to the  quality, performance, accuracy, and fitness for a specific purpose of the product. The only obligation of Microtech Retail Italia under this agreement is to repair or replace products subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty. Microtech is not liable for any loss or damage that affects products, services, warranties of any kind, including economic and intangible losses, prices paid for the products, loss

IMPORTANT: It is important that you back up the stored data, or the installed software, before sending the product to service. Microtech Retail Italia is not responsible for any damages or loss of applications, data or other information stored by the user.

Product registration

To benefit from the warranty service you must enter your product here. After having registered, you only need to access directly the Customer Area. Once you have logged in, you must follow the on screen instructions and fill in all required fields.

Warranty extension

The warranty extension at a very favourable price allows you to protect your purchases longer thanks to an insurance that renews all the after-sales and maintenance services in force during the period under warranty. In case of failure, malfunction or breakage of the product, the warranty extension will give you the right to repair for a period between 12 and 36 months, longer than the duration of the legal warranty. The warranty extension for private customers will therefore entitle you to  24 months of legal warranty plus 12, 24 or 36 months warranty extension.

Otherwise, the warranty extension for companies and state agencies will entitle you to 12 months of legal warranty plus 12, 24 or 36 months of warranty extension.

Neither the allowance at customer’s charge nor a cash payment in advance is required for repairing  the goods. They are excluded from the warranty all damages and defects, that already were excluded from the original one and are anyway caused by the customer / insured or due to the normal wear of the components. Just in that case, we will immediately notify you a cost estimate for any repair. If the product is not repairable, the Customer may obtain the replacement or the refund of the item, reducing 10% of the purchase value each year.

All warranty extension coupons must be activated within 60 days from the products purchase date.

Kasko Insurance

The Kasko insurance assures the customers of the product protection from accidental damage that may occur within 12 months from the purchase date, according to the industrial cost of the product. Such accidental damages include: falls or other shocks, liquids spilled on or inside the product, electric power surges, accidental breaks.

Kasko insurance must be purchased together with your product and activated within 30 days.

Terms and conditions are related in the attached document.

*Provided that the noticed defect allows the repair or the replacement within 5 days. In fact, in some cases we need to test the product longer.