The Company

The Company

Italian soul for your digital life

What are we committed to?

Microtech imagines and conceives technological innovations that can facilitate you in your digital life with the aim of best supporting your potential. We strongly believe in technology at the service of people and in tools that can easily connect you with friends, family and colleagues anywhere, with simplicity and at any time.

Where and how do we do it?

The soul of Microtech is in Italy, a place where ideas, planning, design and customer service on all our most innovative and versatile devices take shape and materialize. Behind every creation there are our people: a competent and passionate engineering team that aspires to create unique products and services. We continue to invest in research and development to add value to each device, aware that industrial quality and its rigorous control processes represent our precious mantra.

What do we like to do?

Guided by these strong principles, our product range includes the most modern high-tech devices, from notebooks to convertibles, from tablets to 2in1, passing through mini-PCs to OPS, based on Intel, AMD, UniSoc, Mediatek architecture. , Allwinner or Qualcomm.

What’s next?

We look to the future as an exciting challenge and each Microtech device is designed to achieve the same result: offering Italian quality and design, a model of free choice of operating system, simplified technology and continuous innovation for you, who choose Microtech every day.