A simple and elegant design characterizes the ABS case with microfiber interiors and Bluetooth keyboard. Available for e-tab 3 G in three different colors: black, green, blue.

More than a mere keyboard


Thanks to a colorful ABS protective coating and a compact and elegant Bluetooth keyboard, the SmartKeyboard is a real object of design. Beautiful and light as no one else, it can be used just as a  case or as a practical working tool. Its pleasant design, along with the soft lines and a glossy, white surface, enhances its fine silhouette.

Island keys

With the SmartKeyboard you type in quickly and easily thanks to the island keys. The Bluetooth keyboard is practical and silent, and the shortcut keys allow you to work faster, as you use a normal keyboard. With Windows 10 and Remix OS you can even use your keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + C, CTRL + V, CTRL + X). The QWERTY layout in Italian with 60 keys in all and 28 function keys offers you almost the same chances as a common desktop keyboard.

Vertical support

SmartKeyboard clips on your e-tab 3G fast and safely thanks to the practical hooks placed inside the case, which are attracted by two magnets located on the opposite side. This way you can lock it safely without fall risks.

Download here SmartKeyboard datasheet