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e-tab Style | Your style, our passion.

Thinner, more compact and lighter than ever, the new e-tab Style offers premium materials and a refined and elegant look. 

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It's aluminum and magnesium body makes it attractive for the eyes and pleasing to the hands, thanks also to its diamond cut precision milling that features its thin and precious silhouette.

Pure and simple beauty.


e-tab Style is a design masterpiece. In just 8 mm thickness, there is an incredibly light and strong item able to connect magnetically to its e-keyboard style, which transforms the device into an extraordinary personal and business productive tool, thanks to the use of a modern and slim 6.000 mAh lithium polymer battery.

Watch what other people can not see.


The 10.1” e-tab Style display is able to offer you an incredibly realistic visual experience, delivering fluid, bright and brilliant images along with exciting Full HD 1080p videos. 

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Compared to a 1.280×800 HD standard display, e-tab Style offers a resolution of 1.920×1.200 and can display approximately one million  three hundred thousand pixels more! Thanks to the brightness sensor, the screen will be able to adapt to any environmental condition, ensuring you always wonderful images. The IPS technology lets you view images having 178 degrees angles. So if you want share your most beautiful movies with your friends and colleagues, no one will miss the show.

Faster than ever.

Thanks to the powerful Quad Core processor, to 2 GB DDR3 fast memory and the integrated storage capacity of 32 GB flash memory, expandable through common MicroSD cards, your e-tab Style will be always ready and available to release all its power. 

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We have put so many sensors inside that you will hardly find an application that can seriously give it trouble: GPS, accelerometer, brightness sensor. So you can use most of the apps on the Google Play Store.

Stop the time with a click.


What a picture reproduces infinitely has taken place only once. Your photos tell stories, emotions, moments you would like to fix forever and ever. So we have integrated two cameras on e-tab Style. 

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You can capture all the important moments of your day, save them in your digital roll or in your external memory card and share them instantly on your favorite social networks. If you want to start a videoconference with your friends and colleagues, the 2 million pixel front camera will allow you to do it; while the 5 million pixel rear camera will allow you, for example, to read the QR codes or to use your favorite apps for the augmented reality.

Small sizes, great connectivity.


e-tab Style has an incredible connection facility. You can watch your videos on TV via the HDMI cable, connect to Wi-Fi network using the standard 802.11n Dual Band  or Bluetooth, localize your location using the integrated GPS, broadcast images, music or movies to your TV equipped with Chromecast technology or to the projector

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No restriction for the pendrive or the mouse that you are used to use with your PC. And above all one high-tech finesse: the USB port Type-C that allows you to connect an USB cable without risking to get the wrong way.

Android 9.0 Pie!​


On every e-tab Style is natively installed Google Android 9.0. This operating system delivers a more refined design, superior performances and many new features and customization options. Android Nougat is the operating system that speaks your languages, with over 1500 new and updated emoji and a renewed multi-lingual and multi window support. 

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Now you can switch from one app to another with a double touch and run two apps in parallel. You can write a message while watching a movie or reading a recipe keeping the timer open. There are infinite ways to customize your device and many new notifications management and energy saving features. And there is the Play Store that lets you choose between 2.8 million applications to install on e-tab Style!

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