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e-tab Pro | Beauty is the Beast

Beautiful out, powerful inside.
Open your mind.

Difficult to explain beauty. One does not start arguing about an April wind or the first light of dawn. They are simple, because beauty is the ecstasy of simplicity. 

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On this introduction we used a new geometry of the shapes that makes e-tab Pro a sample of pure and simple beauty. Its refined and elegant design, compact size and low weight make it the perfect 2in1 device for those who have to work or study on the move but do not want to compromise on aesthetics and technology. And the author could be you. Thanks to the adoption of the new Intel microprocessors of the latest generation, e-tab Pro is up to 85% more powerful than the previous generation, so you can use it instead of the classic notebook.

Each e-tab Pro is a story that is waiting to happen. And the author could be you.

Details make perfection and
perfection is not a detail.

Art is the collaboration between heaven and earth, between the human and the divine. And the artists, you know, are obsessed with details, as much as the craftsmen are by precision. It is a profound and unconditional love for the product. And respect for those who will have to use it. 

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For this reason, on every e-tab Pro, not a single element has been left to chance, from the new aluminum kickstand, specially designed to be discreet and light, to the precious synthetic leather used to cover the exclusive keyboard, that is now populated with new buttons with rounded edges and "tone on tone" fingerprint reader. A precise combination of precious materials, simple lines and cutting-edge technologies that makes e-tab Pro the number 1 in the modern 10.1 '' segment. Let yourself be surprised by this new Italian.

When versatile
rhymes with laptop.

An object, before becoming such, is born as a project. When we designed e-tab Pro we understood that the word “design” does not simply indicate the outward appearance of a product, but rather its more intimate nature, its intended use impressed in fire in the form and the same way in which the user perceives it. Design is not what it looks like, but how it works.

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For this reason the design of e-tab Pro heavily affects its intended use. The central element placed on the back, called kickstand, allows you to use it in at least three different ways: as a simple tablet, when there is no keyboard connected e-keyboard, in studio mode using the stylus pen and note and in mode laptop when you use the keyboard. In every e-tab Pro you find the way to be of a fast and adaptable like you!

Like in a painting:
light for your eyes.

When you use a tablet or a 2in1 device, most of the time your eyes are facing the screen. Therefore we have equipped e-tab Pro with a high-quality luminous liquid crystal panel. The colors are natural and faithful in all circumstances with pure whites and a wider and more engaging color range. As in a work of art, every single detail passes through your eyes and goes straight to the heart. 

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It is the magic of Full HD that is performed on the bright 10.1'' LCD panel with In Plane Switching (IPS) technology and 178° viewing angle. The surface of the screen is coated with an invisible protective film, often only twenty-millionths of a millimeter, which provides protection against scratches and fingerprints. Finally, the Glass on Glass technology, which we have used on e-tab Pro, guarantees a high degree of response from the panel to the touch, being able to manage up to 10 touches at the same time and up to 4.096 levels of pressure of the stylus and note pen. Nothing less than excellence for your eyes.

Do you need speed?
Ready, leaving, done!

Equipped with Intel Celeron N4000 processor operating at up to 2.6 GHz and accompanied by 4 GB of fast LP-DDR4 memory, the new e-tab Pro offers overall performance up to 85% higher than the previous generation, keeping an energy consumption of only 6W

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And the ninth generation Intel HD 600 graphics processor has 12 execution units that allow it to perform more than twice as much as the previous model. e-tab Pro also offers 64 or 128 GB of storage capacity. And if your data, your movies or your music claim more space, the expansion via MicroSD Card would make you available another 128 GB. In short, no limits to productivity, but not even to fun.

With or without wires,
you can connect with your world.

Sharing the most important moments of the day with colleagues and friends or surfing the web at top speed is really easy with e-tab Pro. Thanks to the Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless connection and LTE (optional) in cat. 6, you can speed quickly on the highways of the web. 

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The full size USB 3.0 port allows you to connect your mouse, printer, scanner and peripherals of any kind, while the sophisticated Type-C USB port provides you with 10 Gbps of bandwidth for transferring data from and to pen drive, hard disk external and SSD and well 3A for fast charging. In addition, the integrated MicroHDMI port, with its included adapter, ensures the ability to view video content and presentations on a projector, monitor, TV or LIM.  It's your digital hub where you can make all your interests converge and take them around with you. In conclusion, no limits to productivity nor to the fun. An exceptional mind in a sleek and sturdy body.

A new dress of luxurious
syntheticleather for e-keyboard.

As Italians we know how important the dress can be. In some cases, when the form is also substance, it is good not to give up anything. Therefore we have coated the new e-keyboard with a layer of soft and durable synthetic leather grenade. In Microtech we care about the environment and even more to the life of our precious animal friends. Therefore we have been careful to use only artificial synthetic leather

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Synthetic leather, it is good to reiterate, is drastically different from eco-skin which, in the final analysis, has an animal origin, even if treated with eco-sustainable processes. The e-keyboard has 80 keys with a rounded edge, in addition to a handy fingerprint reader compatible with Windows Hello, which allows you to access Windows in less than two seconds, without having to type in any password. Secure a writing experience of the highest level with the new e-keyboard.

Bring your masterpiece to life with
the new e-note stylus pencil.

Bring your masterpiece to life with
the new e-note stylus pencil.

Rivers of digital ink flow under the tip of the new e-note stylus pencil, renewed in both design and technology. Now you can easily use up to 4.096 levels of hand pressure and give life to your ideas, take quick notes, draw without limits, marking the stroke to your liking. Find out more >

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The touch panel of e-tab Pro also supports an advanced palm rejection technology, thanks to which you will be able to write in a completely natural way, supporting the palm of your hand without generating an undesired touch. Moreover, the pen does not need any configuration and is ideal, given the premises, to support the graphometric signature applications. He dreams of drawing and then drawing your dreams. Now you can do it with e-note.

Scopri la semplicità del nuovo
ambiente grafico Pantheon OS.

e-tab Pro VS
long working day: 1 to 0

The battery of your e-tab Pro can also accompany you for an entire working day* and up to four days on stand-by. So you do not have to worry about bringing the charger with you: you do not need it!

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The proven lithium polymer technology with which it is built offers a capacity of approximately 6.000 mAh and minimizes the deterioration process over time of the battery, helping to significantly increase the longevity of your purchase. Also, thanks to the Dual Cell mode, you can reload e-tab Pro at 50% in about 60 minutes. Every single detail in e-tab Pro is quality-oriented and designed to improve your user experience. You will fall in love with it so much that you will not want to part anymore.

* data referring to an average use of the product, which alternates between moments of activity and moments of stand-by and suspension, over the course of a single working day.

I am what I am
thanks to who we all are.

Ubuntu is a term in the Bantu language which means “benevolence towards others” or, more simply, “humanity”. It is a Linux distribution oriented towards ease of use and the wealth of free applications available in its Software Center.

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Ubuntu only supports free software and is full of features that make using your computer a pleasant and stimulating adventure. Ubuntu on e-tab Pro is offering a really nice and simple to use graphical interface. Incorporates Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser, Thunderbird for e-mails, LibreOffice for documents (perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office formats) and many other applications for photos, videos, games and much more. And above all, you can surf safely, confident that your files and data will remain protected: an integrated firewall and virus protection are in fact included as standard. Simple, modern, fast and safe.

The right complement for e-tab Pro.

Discover the simplicity
of the new Pantheon OS.

Forget guides and manuals.

Unusual, simple, captivating, familiar: adjectives are wasted when referring to the new Pantheon OS graphic environment. In many ways a revolution in the Linux environment, which makes it easy to perform any operation without having to know how to do it.

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Adding a printer or pairing a Bluetooth device, rather than putting your e-tab Pro in Night Light mode, will not be a problem, because it's all intuitive like never before. Pantheon OS is a truly beautiful and minimalist graphic environment, with its own application store that simplifies the search, updating, installation and uninstallation of applications at the highest levels. Microtech has "grafted" Pantheon OS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, including its repositories for Over The Air updates and several improvements in terms of customization and hardware support. You can install it at any time, even after purchasing e-tab Pro. Microtech will provide you with all the necessary support. Are you in love with simplicity and beauty? Discover Pantheon OS on the new e-tab Pro.

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