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e-tab Pro Plus:
the perfect personal assistant.

Large 12.6″ display, unlimited versatility, unmatched work capacity.

e-tab Pro Plus is the perfect personal assistant for any circumstance: excellent support for professional activities, exceptional device for moments of leisure. Thanks to its powerful calculation capabilities, the size of the 12.6″ display – which is the ideal compromise between ease of transport and spaciousness of the work area – and the keyboard (optional) it is able to offer unparalleled versatility.

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Its technical data already says it all even to those who are not tech savvy: an Intel N100® processor (Alder Lake), a fantastic 12.6'' IPS FullHD laminated LCD panel, 8 GB of DDR memory and 128 GB SSD NVMe, expandable with common MicroSD, together with latest generation WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Uncompromising design.

The thin line that leads to a new definition of elegance.

e-tab Pro Plus has a unique style: metal pleasant to the touch, very clean and refined design, sturdiness to spare. Forged entirely in aluminium, it weighs just 775 grams and is very thin: just 8.9 mm. They are the new parameters of this generation. State of the art technology enclosed in a perfectly smooth and fascinating metal shell.

Irreplaceable and essential.

Powerful, Light, Thin. Always with you at any time and for any need.

e-tab Pro Plus is the ideal support for work: you can manage video calls, seeing interlocutors and screens perfectly and easily sharing documents and presentations; you can manage emails and attachments; you can create documents, slides and spreadsheets but your e-tab Pro Plus is also the best companion for free moments you can imagine: it is irreplaceable for enjoying your favorite series in perfect definition, playing games, surfing the web and the world. With the optional keyboard (equipped with trackpad and weighing less than 600 g) you can have the ease of use of a notebook in exceptional dimensions and weight.

Productivity and Fun
have a new meaning.

A new reference standard.

e-tab Pro Plus offers you a 12.6 inch display for perfect vision and a 5.780 mAh lithium polymer battery to be able to work or have fun for a long time, without worries. Exceptional design: a very thin frame and minimal thickness for maximum comfort and aesthetic satisfaction, even when turned off!

The evolution of the species.

The best, always.

e-tab Pro Plus is equipped with the latest technological developments: Intel N100® (Alder Lake) Quad-Core CPU, Intel® UHD Graphics and Intel® Integrated Graphics. You can count on its ability to always live up to any performance request and enjoy the show!

Always in touch. Always ready.

Latest generation Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth.

Connected, this is our life, whether for work or for fun, to work remotely or to call a friend in a remote location, we cannot disconnect from the network; e-tab Pro Plus is connected by definition: Wi-Fi 6 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n/ax and Bluetooth 5.2, so that being connected is always immediate.

Suono, Motore, Azione. 

Capturing Images and Sounds to give meaning to reality.

To ensure nothing escapes you, your e-tab Pro Plus has a 5 million pixel front camera and an 8 million pixel rear camera. Audio ON: the 2x 8Ω1W speakers and 2 D-MICs in the Camera Module allow perfect listening in every situation, so that everything always makes sense and you are the director of reality.

Windows 11. Always.

The well-known environment in a new guise, for always top performance.

Windows 11 is installed on each e-tab Pro Plus for the best possible experience and immediate cross-device recognition of the operating system. No surprises, maximum reliability in the most mobile friendly version of Windows.

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