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e-tab Pro 10.1" 2in1

Beauty becomes magic when combined with power.

This 2in1 tablet was born to accept no compromises. We have combined all the power of the Intel N5105 processor by dressing it within an elegantly designed body, with a low weight and compact size.

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The magic is not only in the product, but also in the simplicity with which it will allow you to live your life with infinite flexibility. Without even realizing it, you will pass from a work session to pure leisure and entertainment. Furthermore, it will be child's play to hold it in your hands in tablet mode or place it on the desk to get the feeling of an extremely portable notebook.

Its details will win you over.

On every e-tab Pro, not a single element was left to chance. The aluminum rear kickstand has been specially designed to be discreet and light.

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Not only practicality, in fact we have also paid particular attention to the design with which its new keyboard was created: elegant, compact and with buttons with rounded edges. A precise combination of fine materials, simple lines and cutting-edge technologies that makes e-tab Pro the number 1 in the segment of modern 10.1'' devices. Let yourself be surprised by this new Italian.

All connection possibilities
within your reach.

How rewarding is it to be able to review and share the best moments of a trip out of town at the end of it? Thanks to the WiFi 6 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n/ax connectivity, sharing photos and videos of your day with friends or surfing the web at maximum speed is always possible with e-tab Pro.

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When you need additional weapons, the full-size USB 3.0 port allows you to connect a mouse, printer, scanner and peripherals of all kinds, while the USB Type-C port provides you with 10 Gbps of bandwidth for data transfer from and towards pendrive, external hard drives and SSD and 3A for fast charging. In addition, the integrated MicroHDMI port ensures the ability to view video content and presentations on a projector, monitor, TV or LIM. It is your digital hub on which you can bring all your interests together and take them around with you.

Small on the outside,
powerful on the inside!

e-tab Pro is equipped with the Quad Core Intel® Celeron N5105 processor operating up to 2.8 GHz. The power of the processor is combined with the balance of the 9th generation Intel HD 600 graphics card, which optimizes the consumption of the video card at only 5 Watts and is able to work with a minimum clock speed of 300 MHz, which thanks to the acceleration option can reach up to 750 MHz.

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The e-tab Pro engine is accompanied by an impressive 8 GB of fast LP-DDR4 memory and 128 GB of storage capacity. If your documents, TV series, movies and music demand more space, both e-tab Pro 4+ offer the possibility to expand the memory with an additional 128 GB thanks to the MicroSD slot.

Immerse yourself in the colors of its display.

We have equipped e-tab Pro with a bright 10.1” IPS panel giving you a 178° viewing angle both horizontally and vertically.

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The In Plane Switching technology will not lose any detail to the images and its natural and realistic colors will give you the feeling of experiencing your current movies or TV series in first person and above all, in FullHD. All this without worrying about the viewing time: thanks to the display with the IPS panel even your eyes will thank you because they will not be weighed down and tired. Are you ready to immerse yourself in its screen?

Multiply your efficiency with Windows.
Do more, without working more.

Do more, without working more.

Users around the world rely on Microsoft Windows for a variety of reasons. First of all for security, as it includes a full suite of antivirus, firewall, ransomware and Internet features, at no additional cost.

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Microsoft Windows is the best version of Windows ever designed by Microsoft. Fast and responsive like never before, it incorporates some of the latest technologies that allow you to work at full speed by performing various actions simultaneously. Thanks to Dual Mic technology you can better collaborate with Cortana, your very personal digital assistant designed to increase productivity. As we get to know you over time, Cortana becomes more and more useful, staying transparent and maintaining your trust.

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