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e-cube | Designed for the future.
Ready for the present.

Forget your old PC. It is e-cube time.

In Microtech we love the details so much that we regard them as the building blocks of perfection. And with the line of mini pc and e-cube not a single detail has been left to chance. So design is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also a true masterpiece of electronic engineering.

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A line of complete computers enclosed in a compact body. Small but powerful enough to make you miss your old and bulky PC, mini-pc e-cube are a look at the future, thanks to their versatility, light, and the great set of available connections. Are you ready to forget cables, noise, dust and obstructions?

A new idea of entertainment
in an iconic design.

The linear design of e-cube intends to enclose a super-miniaturized high-tech concentrate in a compact and regular profile

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Despite its very small size, e-cube contains a lot of empty space inside. Just remove a single screw and press a small lever on the edge to open the top side and insert a hard disk or 2.5" SSD or an M.2 NVMe SSD or an Intel Optane™ module. In this way you can store all your video collection in 4K / UHD and music files to enjoy on the big screen of your TV, thanks also to the HDMI outputs and to the Display Port and VGA outputs**. Or look at the Gigabit LAN network card integrated into each e-cube to make it the hub of your digital life and share movies with other devices you have at home, such as PC, notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Always at maximum speed and always with maximum power consumption 15W, that is four times less than a traditional desktop.

The performance of a Desktop PC
bound in a 140 mm case.

Inside each e-cube we have integrated the family of dual core Intel Core i5 7200u, capable of operating up to 2.6 GHz and up to 3.1 GHz respectively. These CPU incorporate Intel HD graphics, implemented by 24 processing units and ability to better support all the activities that can be performed with a set top box or with an office PC.

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e-cube can be hooked on the back of each monitor, thanks to the convenient bracket supplied that offers support for the VESA standard. Bluetooth, Wifi connectivity 802.11a /b/g/n/ac Dual Band 2×2, up to 16 GB of RAM DDR4 fast memory and up to 2.048 GB of full integration of basic hardware. e-cube offers the services you need.

Your office is always with you.

Discover the best Windows ever.

On e-cube we installed Microsoft Windows, the best version of Windows ever designed by Microsoft. Fast and reactive like never before, it incorporates some of the latest technologies that allow you to work at full speed by performing several actions simultaneously. 


Microtech is known worldwide for its desire to encourage the use of free software. In particular on e-cube you can choose to buy the product with Ubuntu Linux, with the innovative Microtech LiberOS or with Android already on board!

italian quality you can rely on.

Each e-cube is subjected to a series of rigorous reliability and safety tests, in order to meet the high quality standards that Microtech can not renounce. For this reason each e-cube is CE, RoHs and ErP certified. Moreover, like any Microtech product, e-cube also benefits from technical assistance and support in Italian and English provided by Microtech technicians. 


  • RAM 4 GB
  • 120 GB SSD m.2 SATA


  • RAM 8 GB
  • 240 GB SSD m.2 NVMe


  • RAM 8 GB
  • 1 TB HDD


  • RAM 8 GB
  • 480 GB SSD m.2 NVMe


  • RAM 16 GB
  • 960 GB SSD m.2 NVMe

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