e-cube - Pantheon OS

What is Pantheon?

Pantheon OS is the most advanced graphic environment for Linux in the world and it was created by the Elementary OS team. It contains the simplicity gene in its DNA and eliminates all that is superfluous and complex to use. It’ s the human interface for all of us, pleasant and basic in everyday use and full of features integrated in an intelligent and practical way.

Linux, reinvented

Linux is the free operating system par excellence. Powerful, flexible and also fun to use, Pantheon OS brings the evolution of Linux to the next level. It is designed to give you maximum productivity with maximum simplicity. And to make you live an experience on Linux that you would never have imagined.

Pantheon OS

As it was made

In Pantheon OS there is much more than a simple sum of features based on zeros and one of the binary system. What the designers have focused on is rather the immense range of experiences that lies in the middle. There, in the depths of every line of code, a full range of features has been made that make Pantheon more functional in use and more attractive in the interface. Pantheon OS offers you the full power of a stable, complete and secure operating system like Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, on which Microtech has grafted it.

You write "Open Source", we read "Freedom and security"

The Pantheon OS system is built on a robust foundation of free and open source software. Being based on free software, it can benefit from greater security and privacy than proprietary software because the source code can be controlled by anyone in the community, whether it is a security researcher or a worried user, and anyone can make sure that the software is secure and does not collect or disclose personal information.

In addition, viruses that infect the Windows environment on Pantheon OS are completely ineffective and meaningless. Security is at the top of the category, so you can use the system without necessarily having to install an antivirus.

Design philosophy

The guiding principles of Pantheon OS

What defines a great operating system is its ability to be used without having to know how to do it. In order to say goodbye to guides and manuals it was necessary to draw inspiration from certain principles, including simplicity, functionality and synergy.

Pantheon OS is a distillation of what is really important for you: what was complicated was made easier, what was already easy was further simplified. Finally, it is possible to use the system effectively without having to read guides or entire manuals.

Everything is at your fingertips, exactly where you expect it to be. Each application can be installed or uninstalled comfortably with just one click. A sample of simplicity.

A good operating system should not only be nice and simple to use, but must offer a wide range of functionalities designed to make the user productive, efficient and autonomous. Microtech has equipped Pantheon OS with some additional features considered essential, such as the ability to create and move objects on the desk or to install some of the most important applications for Windows *. Because we think an operating system must also be practical and functional in everyday use.

The hardware is by nature cold and inanimate. It is the interaction between user and hardware, made possible by software, what gives life a device. In Pantheon OS we have optimized every element so that it can work smoothly and quickly. Hardware and software work in full symbiosis because Microtech has better optimized the underlying Linux kernel, in order to make it perfect for the hardware on which it is run. In short, one for all and all for one.


Multitasking | Multitasking illimitato

Why settle for only one app at a time? Pantheon OS is multi-window, this means quickly switching from one window to another with real multitasking. So you can complete a presentation with Office, while you do a search with the browser and talk to your colleague on Skype.

All at the same time. And you can also customize the corners of the screen and associate them to the action you want, like showing all the windows at the same time, or move the windows you want on one of the many virtual desks available, rather than maximizing a window with a simple movement. Few actions, many results.


Do not miss a notification either

Notifications have been completely redesigned to take advantage of the last pixel of your screen. Now appear on the right side of the display of each of your devices. Just a simple click. And there is also an icon to display notifications with a click of the mouse. Comfortable, right?

Keyboard and mouse support

The most advanced file manager in the world on Linux

On every Microtech device equipped with Pantheon OS you will literally experience a new writing experience. The keyboard allows you to use all the shortcuts (CTRL + C and CTRL + V) that you need to simplify your user experience.

We know how much precision and how much more functionality can derive from using a mouse. This is why the “right click” was given to Pantheon OS, which in Elementary OS is not allowed and allows you to take advantage of all the additional possibilities of your desk.

You can perform the most common tasks such as “cut and paste” or “create new document” quickly and easily. And it will benefit your productivity.

File Manager

The most advanced file manager in the world on Linux

Thanks to its intuitive interface, the Pantheon file manager provides you with an extraordinary collection of features. The problem of finding out where this or that file went is simply no longer posed. You can access, move and save your documents with ease so far unknown in the Linux world. Exactly how to connect to a local network or access a company domain or a web server.


Skype and LibreOffice are standard

A report to write and send immediately; the final touches to a presentation: we know how much office applications are vital for your work. This is why we have installed Pantheon OS in the latest version of Libre Office, a formidable office suite, whose clean interface and numerous tools will allow you to free up your creativity and increase your productivity. So you can write your texts with Writer, design your spreadsheets with Calc or make your presentations with Impress. Pantheon OS is really ready to use, breaks down every limit and makes you productive.

Are you looking for the right sound?
Let yourself be surprised by Spotify

With Spotify, finding the right music for every moment is easy: millions of songs are available: are you training, do you have to prepare a party or relax after a hard day at work? The right music will always be at hand. Choose what you want to hear or let Spotify surprise you. Explore the music libraries of friends, artists and celebrities or create a radio station and relax. Spotify is already on board every Microtech device equipped with Pantheon OS.


Endless possibilities with App Center

An application offering optimized for Pantheon is at your disposal with just one click, for your work or for your moments of entertainment. App Center provides native and Open Source applications for Pantheon OS. Discover them quickly and easily update those you already own. You can also receive all system updates quickly and easily, simply by authorizing the installation of updates.

*Not all Windows applications can be installed. A compatibility list updated to the web address is available: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&sTitle=Browse%20Applications&sOrderBy=appName&bAscending=true