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e-book Pro | Beauty can be seen.
Design is contemplated.

Are you ready for a new love?

Sometimes simplifying means adding beauty. With e-book Pro we have simplified to the maximum, creating a concentration of beauty and technology. The first three-senses computer you’ll love.

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The result is a compact and easily transportable device, designed in every detail to satisfy sight, touch and hearing, thanks to its elegant and refined design, the first quality materials it is made of and its integrated Quad Speaker technology.

Super lightweight, ultra-thin,
extra durable.

Here’s to you e-book Pro.

The minimalist design of e-book Pro merges with the prized 5000 series aluminum making it thin and strong at the same time, with 180° rotation symmetry.  A really masterpiece of Italian design.

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Built up by a single piece of metal, the same kind of material used in the aircraft industry. The frame of each e-book Pro has worked with crafted precision, subjected to a sophisticated process of anodizing and diamond cutting with an obsessive attention to the whole details. This process gives it an elegant look, but also able to give a high degree of resistance and a weight far below average in its class.

FemToEdge Display.

When images do not know borders.

In the next years the screens technological trend will be to reduce the side frames and offer larger surfaces. We wanted to introduce this style even in the world of laptops, so the e-book Pro’s display offers more subtle side edges of its category, just 3,75 mm thick. This results in a staggering 81% size screen-ratio, allowing you to see and do more with equal space, with a content viewing angle of 178°.  You won’t believe your eyes.

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And that's not all. The bright e-book Pro FullHD screen is made with One Glass Technology Solution, which reduces space between the LCD Panel and the protective glass, increasing color depth and minimizing sunlight’s glare. In short, superb in quality and exceptional design.

Productive and brilliant in every way.

Light up your ideas with the e-book Pro keyboard.

Laptop consists, for nearly half of his surface from keyboard. So, to make a great portable was necessary to incorporate a comfortable standard size keyboard, fit enough to not sacrifice the experience writing for sake of portability and offer a really high quality and accurate typingToday, art of excellence takes keyboard form.

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Despite the reduced thickness, the keys range is 0.7 mm, above industry standards. Also e-book Pro keyboard has been designed to support up to 8 million keystrokes. And since you will have to use it for a long time we integrated backlight, whose intensity can be adjusted manually, so you can use it in all circumstances, even in complete darkness.

Multi-Touch touchpad and
fingerprint reader.

Practicality marries security.

e-book Pro touchpad of your is thoughtfully designed to transform into action every millimeter movement. Supporting Microsoft specifications Precision Touchpad, you can use different gestures with one, two, three or four fingers, such as zoom or right mouse click. 
By the way: now you don’t have to remember the password, because you are the password!

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And there is even the palm-rejection technology, able to prevent unwanted touches. This makes an extremely accurate use of e-book Pro, very natural and comfortable. e-book Pro bring on board a biometric security with a integrated fingerprint reader. Then you can log on to Windows in less than two seconds, at 3 times faster than a regular password. 

From morning to night with you.

And it resumes in a few minutes.

Are you looking for a socket plug? You don’t need it: your e-book Pro battery, is designed to fit an incredibly thin profile, it will accompany you up to 8 consecutive hours* and up to 7 days on standby**.
A true companion of many adventures.

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It can be charge till 50% in just 60 minutes***, so you can rest assured that your laptop won’t run out of power. The Lithium polymer upon which it is based, offer approximately 38 Wh of capacity, enough to use e-book Pro in the office during your workday and then home, for your fun and entertainment.

* Battery life measured under average use conditions, with brightness set to 50%.

** Stand-by duration measured in conditions of average use, with alternation between use and stand-by.

*** Duration of the recharge time measured keeping the unit switched off.

One for all and all for one.

All connection types for connections of all types.

e-book Pro is a triumph of connectivity. Because we think it will become the hub of your digital life and we have thought of everything. Supports fast and Dual Band WiFi connectivity useful to log on without uncertainties to network and on Internet, also easy to use Bluetooth keyboards, mouse and other devices without cable.

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Offers two full size USB life size, allowing you to connect devices, external hard drives, pen drive and more, a modern and practical USB Type-C port*, with support for data transfer and fast charging, a MicroSD slot where you can insert common memory cards for smartphones and tablets. And couldn’t miss even a MicroHDMI port that lets you interface with interactive video projectors, screens, external monitors, television or multimedia interactive whiteboards as secondary displays. If you want to listen music without disturbing people around you, you can use a built-in audio jack for your headphones.  In short, a real concentration of mobility and technology.

*only on e-book Pro N5000.

The way of excellence
has no speed limits.

Experience the perfect symbiosis between durability and performance.

The most important criteria that consider purchasing a desktop PC is undoubtedly that of the pure computing power. When evaluating the purchase of a laptop you must also think of the energy consumption. In fact, by definition, the laptop must follow you throughout your working day. 

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This is the principle which we designed e-book Pro. Equipped with the latest Intel Celeron Series N4000 to 64-bit from 2.60 GHz and 4 GB of LP-DDR4* memory or with Intel Celeron Series N5000 to 64-bit from 2.7 GHz and 6 GB of LP-DDR4 **memory, e book Pro lets you do most of the things that usually are possible with your home computer, including vision 4K video content. It lets do it in a total mobility, throughout the day. It also has a fast SSD memory based on storage capacity up to 272 GB, which ensures a super fast loading applications, practically with instantaneous boot times. Take it easy, it won't be our e-book Pro to make you wait.

*only for e-book Pro N4000

**only for e-book Pro N5000

a new assistant at your service.

Discover the best Windows ever.


On e-book Pro we have installed Microsoft Windows 10, the best version of Windows ever designed by Microsoft. Fast and responsive as never before, incorporates some of the latest technologies that allow you to work at full capacity making several actions simultaneously. 

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Thanks by Dual Mic technology you can work better with Cortana, your personal digital assistant designed to increase productivity. Getting to know you over time, Cortana becomes increasingly useful, remaining transparent and keeping your trust. Also with Windows 10 Professional you can take advantage of many of the advanced features of Windows 10, such as access to Active Directory domains, strong encryption, remote access, or the creation of virtual machines. In short, a perfect partner for business and work.

Safety and reliability
made in Switzerland.

Each e-book Pro is equipped with one year of backup and security software.


We know how important security and reliability are, especially in the Windows environment, for this reason we have equipped every e-book Pro of  Defenx Security Suite, a security software designed in Switzerland that allows you to surf in peace and quiet while ensuring total protection from viruses, spyware and malware

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It includes antivirus protection, firewall, spam filtering, identity protection, privacy service and parental control. A 360 ° protection completely free for one year. And it is not enought, we also included Memopal Cloud Backup software with 500 GB of cloud space included in the package! You choose what to save, Memopal makes the difference. The safest place in the world is your e-book Pro.

(Valid only for Windows versions)

I am what I am
thanks to what we all are.


Ubuntu is a term in Bantu language meaning “benevolence toward the next” or simply “humanity”. It is a Linux distribution aimed at ease of use and a wealth of free applications available in your Software Center

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Ubuntu can support only free software and it's packed with features that make using your computer a pleasant and stimulating adventure. Ubuntu on e-book Pro is really quick to use and offers a really nice graphical interface also easy to work. Incorporates Mozilla Firefox as default web browser, Thunderbird email, LibreOffice for documents (fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats) and many other applications for photos, videos, games and more. Primarily you can safely surf on web, sure of your files and your data will be protected: an integrated firewall and virus protection are included as standard. Simple, modern, fast and safe. The right complement for e-book Pro.

Forget guides and manuals.

Discover the simplicity of the new Pantheon graphic environment.

Unusual, simple, catchy, familiar: adjectives are wasted when referring to the new Pantheon graphic environment. In many ways a revolution in the Linux environment, which makes it easy to perform any operation without having to know how to do it.

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Adding a printer or pairing a Bluetooth device, rather than putting your e-book Pro in Night Light mode, will not be a problem because it's all as intuitive as ever before. Pantheon is a really nice and minimalist graphic environment, with its own application store that simplifies the search, update, installation and uninstallation of applications at the highest levels. Microtech has "engaged" Pantheon onto Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, including its repositories for Over The Air updates and several improvements in terms of customization and hardware support. You can install it at any time, even after purchasing e-book Pro. Microtech will provide you with all the support you need. Are you in love with simplicity and beauty? Discover Pantheon on the new e-book Pro.

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