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Take it lightly, it's an e-book Lite

Ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-cheap!

e-book Lite is the ideal combination of design and mobility. It is the lightest and thinnest laptop of the e-book family ever made by Microtech, with its weight of 1.2 kg and its thickness of 17 mm.

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Its incredibly compact size makes it ideal for travel and commuting. Just put it in the e-bag (find out more) or backpack and go on a new adventure.

Large screen, small size

Borderless images

The ultra-thin frame of display, with its side edges to 8,5 mm has an incredible 77% screen-body ratio, for a wider and more immersive view of the contents.

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The 14.1'' diagonal IPS LCD panel offers a FullHD resolution (1.920x1.080) and an extraordinary 178° viewing angle, with brilliant whites and incredible performance in the brightest parts.

It really looks like your writing

Practical and precise for study and work

Ergonomically designed, e-book Lite keyboard offers an extremely fluid and fluent typing experience, maintaining good tactile feedback and allowing fast and intuitive writing.

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The touchpad is precise and responsive, compatible with Microsoft Precision Touchpad specifications and with a small footprint.

All day with you.

Productivity always on the move.


e-book Lite is equipped with a high quality lithium polymer battery to 5000 mAh 7.6V that can last for about 6 hours and up to 5 days in stand-by.

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Being able to recharge to 50% in just over an hour, e-book Lite can accompany you to work, home, study or travel, like a faithful companion on adventures.

2.4 / 5 GHz Dual Band WiFi and
Bluetooth 4.2

Maximum connectivity.

Normally in ultra-economic devices, connectivity options are often minimized, in order to offer an essential product at an advantageous price. E-book lite exceeds this limit and makes the most of the 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi transmission protocol, with a maximum bandwidth of 433 Mb / s in 5GHz mode and speeds up to 6 times faster than the 802.11n standard.

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It is now possible to whiz on the Web like never before and connect with all devices compatible with the Bluetooth standard.

Endless connection possibilities.

Connect with your world.

What’s the use of a laptop if you can’t connect or if you have to use a thousand adapters to do it?

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We have designed e-book Lite to offer you all the ports you need to connect your world: the MiniHDMI output to connect with an external display, the 2 full size USB ports thanks to which it is possible to connect pendrives, printers, HD external devices, peripherals of all kinds, the practical MicroSD card slot through which you can expand the capacity of the notebook or view the photos taken by the smartphone. And finally the audio jack that allows you to connect the earphones. Everything you need for study and work.

A new ultra-efficient brain.

Smart performance and reduced consumption.

e-book Lite is powered by Intel N4020 64 bit  microprocessor, operating at 2.8 GHz which offers good performance for office tasks, web browsing, emails, Skype video calls, YouTube videos, social networks.

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This CPU consumes only 6W and allows for a fanless design that maintains low noise levels, improving system reliability and avoiding potential component failures related to excessive heat.

Multiply the efficiency with Windows 10.

Do more, without working more, with Microsoft Windows 10.

Users around the world rely on Microsoft Windows 10 for a variety of reasons. First of all for security, as it includes a full suite of antivirus, firewall, ransomware and Internet features, at no additional cost. But also because it is the most popular gaming platform in the world and offers a wide variety of titles.

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It is extraordinarily accessible, thanks to the additional tools offered to those who need aids for sight, hearing, neurodiversity, learning and mobility. And it's the perfect companion to Microsoft Office 365 (available separately), as well as thousands of other apps available on the Microsoft Store. The right complement for e-book Lite.

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