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App Ubuntu

Firefox is the default Ubuntu network browser. The advantages are the simplicity of navigation, stability, security and the ability to add more features and customizations thanks to the various extensions and existing topics. In addition, Firefox has an integrated PDF reader.

Thunderbird is the default Ubuntu email client. It is a useful application for managing e-mail and RSS feeds. The program is preinstalled in Ubuntu and bootable via Dash.

Rhythmbox allows you to manage and play music on your PC or from online sources. It offers several advanced features such as managing the music library, editing track information, creating playlists, and so on.

Video is an audio / video multimedia player.

Impress consente di creare o modificare presentazioni. Puoi creare una splendida presentazione da zero o semplicemente visualizzare i dati e apportare veloci modifiche. Compatibile con Power Point.

Calc is a useful spreadsheet for creating advanced spreadsheets or simply to view data and make quick changes that can also handle files created with Excel.

Math allows you to write scientific formulas and equations.

Draw allows you to create or edit images, flowcharts or logos.

Writer is a text editor to create beautiful documents or simply read and make quick changes that can also handle documents created with Word.

Calendar pre-installed by Ubuntu

Ubuntu Software is designed to quickly and easily manage the installation and removal of programs, the updates of the software already installed and the repositories.

Document viewer allows you to manage PDF documents and more.

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