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CoreBook Lite | Everything is possible

Work, entertainment, mobility, convenience. All in one device.

It is the most consistent entry-level laptop in its class. Suitable for both work and entertainment CoreBook Lite is perfect for performing most of the daily tasks, such as producing documents, speeding on the World Wide Web, listening to music, downloading mail, making and receiving video calls for smart working with the integrated FHD camera. Moreover, thanks to the fast solid state memory and the powerful latest generation Intel® processor, CoreBook Lite never falls behind, in whatever activity you are doing. Do more while you spend less with the new CoreBook Lite.

Solid and compact.

A light and strong body, designed to last over time.

The body of each CoreBook Lite is made of ABS, a copolymer used to make light and rigid objects that offers great resistance to impact and hardness over time. So we managed to keep the weight down to just 1.5 kg and the thickness to just 22 mm, while maintaining a sturdy and durable body. The look is sober and compact, with simple lines and warm colors, designed to make a long work session more pleasant. A champion of solidity and lightness.

A detail-proof screen.

True to life colors, high resolution and wide brightness.

Each CoreBook Lite is built from a bright 15.6” In-Plane-Switching (IPS) LCD panel that offers extremely realistic colors, brilliance and contrast capable of representing all image details with a wide viewing angle 178°, while avoiding eye fatigue.

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The FullHD resolution for the CBL15A model allows the viewing of high resolution content, photos and videos rich in details and an enviable white point. HD resolution for models CBL15D, CBL15E 1.366 x 758 px.

The camera integrated into the upper edge, with 2 million pixels, allows you to start a video conference or a smart working session in complete tranquility. Only the best for your eyes.

You will want to write
the most beautiful things.

Writing is a pleasure with the keyboard of a CoreBook Lite.

CoreBook Lite improves your productivity and makes you write faster, thanks to 95 island keys, including a numeric keypad. The typing quality is comfortable, precise and silent. The touchpad each CoreBook Lite is equipped with offers a size of 13.7×9.2 cm and supports touch gestures configurable by the operating system. With a keyboard and touchpad like these you’ll want to spend even more time with your CoreBook Lite.

A battery that can make drums.

Always with you for a whole day’s work.

Discover the high capacity of the CoreBook Lite Lithium Polymer battery, which allows you to work up to 6 consecutive hours and up to 5 days in stand-by. The lithium polymer battery will accompany you throughout an entire working day, including the most demanding activities. Because what matters is always having the energy to go all the way.

Fast and complete connectivity.

Push the web to the max and connect with your world.

CoreBook Lite offers a wireless chip with WiFi Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz connectivity, according to the 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standard. To offer you maximum flexibility, two modern, but different connectivity configurations complete the equipment. Corebook Lite A and Corebook Lite E are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, 2 USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on both sides, the MiniHDMI output, the MicroSD memory slot and the input for headphones and DC-IN. A champion of speed and compatibility.

Silence is golden!

The fanless design makes it super quiet and reliable.

A powerful and thrifty Intel® heart beats on every CoreBook Lite. The Intel® Celeron N4020 Dual Core CPU with Intel® UHD Graphics or Intel® Pentium Silver N5030 Series with Intel® UHD Graphics 605 that let you stream 4K movies, draft a document or create a complex spreadsheet with graphics and queries, take advantage of last minute activities, whether you are at your desk, on the sofa or on the other side of the world, dissipating only 6W and consuming little battery. The right device to accompany you in your work or study day.

Your ideas, your Operating System.

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From today, even with CoreBook Lite you can finally freely decide the operating system that best suits your needs. We want to offer you what you need, based on who you are. For this reason, CoreBook Lite, we have made it available with Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, or with the innovative LiberOS.


CoreBook Lite A

  • Intel® Celeron Dual Core Serie N4020
  • Windows | Ubuntu | LiberOS
  • DISPLAY FHD 1.920 x 1.080
  • RAM 4 GB
  • 128 GB eMMC

CoreBook Lite E

  • Intel® Pentium Silver Serie N5030
  • Windows Home | Windows Pro
  • DISPLAY HD 1.366 x 768
  • RAM 4 GB
  • 128 GB SSD

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