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CoreBook i3 | A masterpiece with
Italian soul.

Beauty cannot exist only in what appears to your eyes. Beauty, to be defined as such, must have a soul. For this reason the new Corebook i3 was born, the new Microtech Notebook that comes from you, but above all from your choice.

Free to choose,

With the new Corebook i3 you can finally freely decide the operating system that best suits your needs. We want to offer you what you need, based on who you are. For this reason, Corebook i3, we have made it available with Microsoft Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux, Chrome OS or with the innovative Pantheon OS.


Minimalist elegance.

The Italian design marries the craftsmanship of the details.

The design of the CoreBook i3 has been engineered to be functional, but above all to give you everything you need: a thin and light ABS body, a bright FHD panel with In Plane Switching technology and ultra-thin bezels to give you a screen-to-surface ratio. more than 90%. Finally, its edge-to-edge keyboard to which we have combined a large touchpad to give you the best support for touch gestures.

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All this was achieved by paying an obsessive attention to detail, always projected towards where the gaze often does not rest. The final result is a concentrate of refinement and minimalism, with soft lines and a “timeless” design. A mix of beauty and lightness that you will always want to carry with you.

A limitless screen.

The images are finally free from their borders.

CoreBook i3 is built with a bright 15.6” In-Plane-Switching LCD panel that offers extremely bright colors, lifelike images and contrast that delivers incredible detail, while also offering a wide viewing angle of up to 178°.

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The FullHD resolution, combined with the super slim 6.9mm bezel is ideal for enjoying high-resolution movies and detailed photos that seem to pop off the screen. To give you the largest possible screen, we have placed the 2 million pixel front camera at the bottom edge of the screen so you can start a video conference or smart working session with confidence.

Practical, large and
ergonomic keyboard

CoreBook i3 has been designed to offer you the best in terms of productivity, guaranteeing you never before seen levels of efficiency, starting with the quality of typing. Its 99 keys are a whopping 16.5mm wide each. Their distribution along the entire surface of the device, in edge-to-edge mode and the numeric keypad with the particular island arrangement will give you a pleasant feeling when writing: practical, precise and silent as you have never experienced before.

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To all this we have added a gigantic touchpad measuring 14 x 8.5 cm to make the most of the very comfortable shortcuts through the touch gestures configurable by the operating system. With such a large keyboard and touchpad your fingers will ask you to work overtime!

Battery that really lasts.

Let yourself be accompanied by its energy!

Whatever you do, let the full power of its energy flow! Whether it’s a work activity like the presentation of your project or a moment of relaxation like watching a movie, Corebook i3 will always be with you. Thanks to its Lithium Polymer battery of 5.000 mAh and 7.6 V it will allow you to work up to 6 consecutive hours or up to 5 days in stand-by. Because what matters is always having the energy to go all the way.

Modern and uncompromising connectivity.

Connect with your world.

CoreBook i3 also offers the best in terms of connectivity, incorporating an Intel WiFi 6 AX200 wireless chip and a 2×2 MiMo antenna, capable of offering Gig + connectivity with a maximum bandwidth up to 2.4 Gbps and Dual Band 2.4 / 5 GHz coverage, according to the latest 802.11ax standard. The equipment is completed by modern Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the two USB 3.0 ports on both sides, the MiniHDMI output, the MicroSD memory slot, the earphone input and the DC-IN. A champion of speed and compatibility.

A wonderful mind.

Powerful, fast and economical in consumption.

A powerful latest generation Intel heart beats on every CoreBook i3. The Intel Core i3-10110U ™ CPU with Intel UHD Graphics 600 allows you to edit videos, stream FullHD movies, draft a document or create a complex spreadsheet with graphs and queries, take advantage of last minute tasks, whether you are at your desk, on the sofa or on the other side of the world. It is the ideal processor for use in a variety of work and gaming environments.

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